Shoulder Pain

We can treat your shoulder pain

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We treat a number of different shoulder problems at Avenue Health

Diagnosing Your Shoulder Symptoms

At your new patient assessment, we will ask some questions about your shoulder issue, when it started and if it came on gradually or not.

We will then do an examination and get you to perform physical movements to see what makes it hurt and what movement is restricted or painful. We may perform some specialised tests or take measurements to make a diagnosis.

If we believe we can help, your osteopath will provide you with a treatment plan, and treatment can start immediately.


I went to Avenue Health because it is near to where I live. I like if possible to support local businesses. I went with what I thought was a frozen shoulder. My therapist, told me it was rotator cuff injury and gave me 6 lots of therapy which cleared the problem. I cannot recommend this clinic higher. The reception staff and clinicians are wonderful. I wouldn’t hesitate to go there again if I had a similar problem.


Juliette shoulder treatment osteopathy
Treating around the shoulder blade

Friendly and welcoming

Avenue Health were always friendly and welcoming. Jo did very good work on my shoulder and made great strides in improving it. I would certainly return if any other problems crop up (as I get older!) It was also great to be always able to park there easily (Surbiton). Thanks again.


Can We Help With Your Shoulder Pain?

There are a number of different shoulder pain and other shoulder conditions that our experienced osteopaths can successfully treat. If you are experiencing pain in the shoulder area or restriction in the joint, you can be seen at any of our practices based in Surbiton, Worcester Park or Cheam (Sutton) Surrey.

Our osteopaths do not just treat the immediate cause of shoulder pain or restriction in your shoulder but will address the underlying issue that led to your symptoms, and therefore prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

We aim to alleviate pain and improve full mobility in the shoulder joint in order to make moving your shoulder as easy and natural as it should be. Whether the pain has arisen through a sports injury, impingement, a Frozen Shoulder, trapped nerve pain, Rotator Cuff problems, a fall or a DIY injury, our treatments can be very effective in treating all these problems.

Friendly and professional

Friendly but professional atmosphere throughout the sessions received, putting a slightly apprehensive client at ease. Subsequent to each session, an improvement in shoulder movement and range was experienced. No hesitation in deciding to come back, or recommend to others.


Osteopathic Techniques for Shoulder Pain

At Avenue Health we use:

  • soft tissue (massage)
  • inhibition (trigger points on the muscles)
  • the Niel-Asher Technique® for Frozen Shoulder
  • Shockwave Therapy to treat calcification and damage to ligaments and tendons in the shoulder
  • direct treatment to the joint with gentle rhythmic articulation to increase the range of movement and joint health
  • G5 massage to release tightness in the muscles
  • other techniques to relax tight, fatigued and painful muscles that may be the cause of an impingement, for example, rotator cuff, pectoral muscles and deltoids, that control the movement of your shoulder.

At the end of the session, the practitioner will give guidance on simple self-help methods to use at home. Most patients feel the pain has reduced and an increase in movement after the first treatment, and a course of up to four to six treatments is all that is usually required for long-term resolution.

The NHS supports osteopathy as a method to ease shoulder pain.