MRI Package

What is an MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and has been proven to be a safe way to scan your body. It provides detailed images of your body using strong magnetic fields and radio waves. It can be used as a method of diagnosing several medical conditions as well as a way to rule out others for your peace of mind.

Various areas of the body can be scanned including:

  • The spine.
  • The hip.
  • The knee.
  • The ankle.
  • The shoulder.
  • Plus organs, including the brain, heart and blood vessels.

Why Would I Need An MRI?

If you are worried about a health condition that you feel has not been diagnosed correctly. Our osteopaths may recommend that you have an MRI as it would provide them with further evidence before starting or continuing with their treatment.

How Quickly Can I Get An MRI?

You will need to have an initial assessment/consultation with one of our osteopaths if you are not already a patient to discuss whether an MRI is appropriate or justifiable for you.

If the osteopath does feel you would benefit from an MRI they will send a referral to Vista Diagnostics. Vista Diagnostics will usually call you that same day to book your MRI scan at a time that suits you, this could be within 72 hours of receiving your referral.

Typically both you and your osteopath will receive the results of the scan and the consultant’s report within 72 hours.

Avenue Health will then call you to book your follow-up appointment with your osteopath to discuss and explain the findings of the MRI scan and your treatment options if suitable. This whole process is usually completed within a few days.

How much does it cost?

Our MRI package is £370.

This includes:

  • Initial assessment/consultation with one of our osteopaths.
  • Referral from your osteopath.
  • MRI scan with Vista Diagnostics.
  • MRI scan results and consultant’s report.
  • Follow-up consultation with your osteopath to discuss the report findings.