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Back Pain

We can treat your back pain

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We successfully treat most types of back pain on a regular basis offering a variety of different types of treatment to suit each individual and their diagnosis.

How we can treat back pain at Avenue Health

Can We Help With Your Back Pain?

Our experienced osteopaths at our Surbiton, Worcester Park and Cheam (Sutton) Surrey practices successfully treat all types of back pain on a regular basis.

Osteopathy is the therapy of choice for many people because of the proven record in providing effective treatment. It is also recommended for the treatment of back pain by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) who recommend manipulation as a form of treatment. We not only treat the immediate problem but can correct long-term symptoms and prevent new problems developing in the future.

The practitioner’s role is to alleviate pain and improve your mobility in order to make life more comfortable. Osteopathy is an appropriate treatment for people of all ages, and levels of activity, who suffer from back pain. Whether the pain has arisen through a lifting accident, sports injury or a fall or even the result of poor posture, our treatments can be very effective in treating all these problems.

I’d been suffering with a back issue for some time. Visiting Avenue Health has made a huge difference. George was knowledgeable and able to get me on the path to fitness. His advice and treatments have made a difference. I know where to go if I have further issues.


Osteopathic Techniques

The expert techniques used at Avenue Health can help back pain by restoring movement to the joints with a gentle rhythmic articulation, gently massaging tight and restricted muscles and releasing locked joints with HVTs (High Velocity Low Amplitude Thrusts).

At the end of the session, the practitioner will give guidance on simple self-help methods to use at home. Most patients feel immediate relief and a course of up to three to six treatments is all that is usually required for long term resolution.

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain is often caused by inflammation or restriction in at least one of the facet joints that run down either side of the spine. This can be the result of a sudden movement, trauma, overdoing it in the gym or garden, or falling asleep in an awkward position; for example, in front of the television. A more serious cause of back pain is a bulging disc (herniated disc). This may be the result of damage caused by an impact such as a road traffic accident or increased pressure due to overuse, for example, lifting a heavy weight, or simply by the natural ageing process. Muscle spasm in the back can also be responsible for producing pain and discomfort. Both facet joint inflammation and bulging discs can lead to pressure trapping spinal nerves, resulting in nerve pain like sciatica in the legs or pain in the arm and hands.

Back pain can do more than just give you symptoms in the back. It can create difficulties with walking, sitting, bending and lifting and can sometimes lead to depression. It can also be the cause of pain in the buttocks, groin or legs (commonly called sciatica). Hip, knee and foot problems can also lead to back pain.

Lower back pain has reached epidemic proportions in the western world. Research shows that 60% of the UK’s population will suffer from back pain at some stage during their lives.

Osteopathic techniques for back pain

Thank you for what you do!

I had no idea what to expect when first booking but I am so happy I have been going to Avenue Health for osteopathy treatments. It has done my back wonders. I find the practitioner, Juliette, really easy to chat with and that she makes me comfortable during appointments while working her magic. I had an initial course prompted by my back having a sudden acute pain, but I will definitely be maintaining ongoing sessions periodically because it makes such a difference. Thank you for what you do!


Diagnosing Your Back Symptoms

As described above, there are several reasons people develop back pain. A correct diagnosis of the problem is essential as each condition is treated with different techniques. We always give you a full diagnosis to you at your first assessment. This diagnosis will be made after a full examination and tests have been carried out by the practitioner. Only after this process has been completed will a treatment plan be started, or referral for further examination (i.e. MRI scan) be made.

Using the G5 Massage Machine

Will Pain Relieving Drugs Help My Back Pain?

Inflammation can be greatly reduced with the use of NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), such as ibuprofen, aspirin and paracetamol. Although they can reduce the inflammation caused by your problem, they do not address the underlying back problem. They can, in some cases, cause stomach problems, such as acid reflux and constipation.

It is important not to use painkilling drugs before engaging in a physical activity. This is because, without the feedback from your body’s nervous system, it is easy to over-use and further aggravate your back condition. However, they are very useful in helping you get a good night’s sleep, which is a vitally important part for your recovery.

If you are already taking medication prescribed by a doctor, you should always ask the advice of a Doctor or Pharmacist before self-medicating, as some pain killing drugs can affect the effectiveness of your medication, and can sometimes be dangerous.

Fixed my back pain in just a few sessions

I Have had a good experience at Avenue Health over the years. My recent treatment with Danilo Was great. Fixed my back pain with personalised treatment in just a few sessions. Feel so much better in just a few weeks.

Do you suffer from back pain?

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