Neck Pain

We successfully treat most types of neck pain and can offer a variety of treatments to suit each individual and their diagnosis.

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How we treat neck pain at Avenue Health

Can we help with your neck pain?

It has been proven that the correct diagnosis and treatment of neck-related issues, not only reduces the amount of treatment that is necessary but can prevent them from developing into a repeating chronic problem.

Many of the patients we treat have developed neck problems as a result of poor posture, often brought on by frequent computer use or long hours behind the wheel of a car.  Others have been involved in road traffic or sporting accidents.

Something many of us has experienced is after waking up in the morning and having had the feeling that we have ‘slept funny’ and we can barely move our neck without it causing a sharp pain up and into our head and down to into our shoulder. This can mean we are unable to turn our heads and osteopaths can help with this ‘locked’ feeling.

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Our techniques

Neck pain is treated with a variety of techniques, depending on the diagnosis, the patient’s age and their preferences.

The techniques we use range from gentle massage in order to release tight musclesarticulation to ease restricted joints, and HVTs (High-Velocity Low Amplitude Thrusts) to free locked joints. It usually only requires a short course of 4 to 6 treatments to relieve all symptoms and correct the injury. Your osteopath will also help investigate where the initial problem arose and then guide you to make any changes that are required to prevent the injury from returning.

Great Service

I’ve just finished a 6 session course with Michael for a trapped nerve in my neck/shoulder. I feel relieved of pain and I’m very happy with the service I received. I highly recommend Avenue Health!


What causes neck pain?

Neck pain can often be a result of inflamed jointsstrained musclestrapped nerves, and disc problems. Neck pain also can be a result of tired and achy muscles caused by overuse, such as spending too long in front of a computer, reading, or whiplash commonly caused by road traffic accidents.  The discs in your neck can also cause pain, usually as a result of trauma or age-related wear and tear. All of the above problems can lead to the development of headaches which is another condition that we can help with.

Diagnosing your neck symptoms

It is very important that the correct cause of the neck pain is identified, as different conditions require specific treatments. For this reason, all our patients will be given a complete and thorough physical examination, the findings of which will be explained and discussed with the patient. During this discussion, the patient will be advised as to which treatment would be appropriate for their condition, or whether further examinations, such as MRI scans, or a referral back to their GP, are necessary.

At Avenue Health, treatment can commence immediately after the assessment so we can start to relieve your pain straight away.

Amazing results

Initially sceptical, but I was in some pain with very stiff neck, shoulders, feeble arms and weak painful wrist. 5 weeks later I went indoor sky-diving. Absolutely recommend it – no reservations.

Peter D

The NHS advise that osteopaths can use several techniques to help relieve a variety of aches and pains, including neck pain. See their recommendation for osteopathy here.