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Migraine and Headaches

Migraine and Headaches

Can We Help with Your Headache?

Osteopathy for headachesAt Avenue Health we have great success in treating various types of headaches, including tension headaches, migraines, sinus pain and spinal headaches. Our treatment does not involve taking painkillers or drugs but relies on resolving the underlying problem causing the headache.

How Our Treatment Works

People often suffer from headaches when they are stressed, over-worked or tired. When this happens, your body develops tight muscles and restricted joints that can lead to your symptoms. Osteopathy for headachesIn most cases, people are not even aware of this underlying problem as the pain from a headache masks pain in other areas of the body. We give all our patients a full assessment to identify the areas of the body that are leading to a headache. We then treat these areas by relaxing the muscles and mobilising any restricted joints with gentle massage and articulation. We also give advice on preventing the symptoms from reoccurring in the future. For most headaches, a short course of 6 treatments is all that is required.


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